Andrew  M. Bursky, AB '78, BS '78, MS '78

Andrew M. Bursky, AB '78, BS '78, MS '78

CEO, Atlas Holdings, LLC

Mr. Andrew M. Bursky is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Atlas Holdings.
Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, Atlas and its affiliates own and operate
24 platform companies which employ more than 40,000 associates at more than
200 facilities worldwide. Mr. Bursky is a graduate of Washington University in St.
Louis where he received a B.A. in Economics, a B.S. in Engineering and an M.S. in
Chemical Engineering and Harvard Business School where he received an M.B.A.
He serves as a Trustee of Washington University in St. Louis, as Chairman of the
Atlas Foundation, as a co-founder and member on the Executive Board of No
Labels, and on the Board of Directors of numerous businesses. With his wife, Jane,
the Bursky family provides significant support to the Bursky Center for Human
Immunology and Immunotherapy Programs at the Washington University School
of Medicine.