We invest for Washington University’s future.

Washington University Investment Management Company’s mission is to provide financial support for the educational and research objectives of Washington University in perpetuity.   Effective management of the endowment is vital to the university’s financial stability. Through carefully balanced investment and spending policies, the Washington University Investment Management Company (WUIMC) helps ensure the university will continue to serve students and society with distinction for generations to come.

Since 2008, endowment income has accounted for about 10 percent of the university’s annual operating revenue. It provides essential permanent support in the following areas:

The pie chart illustrates how endowment income provides essential permanent support in the areas of scholarships, professorships, facilities, and school/department/research programs.




Washington University’s Board of Trustees has delegated oversight for Endowment investment policy to the Washington University Investment Management Company (WUIMC) Board of Directors.  Operating as a division within the legal framework of the university, WUIMC is led by the chief investment officer, who is assisted by a professional staff and is responsible for the implementation of investment strategy, selection and termination of investment managers, an all other day-to-day investment responsibilities.  The WUIMC Board is also responsible for the endowment spending policy and the establishment of the annual spending rate.


The university has an endowment spending distribution policy designed to stabilize annual spending levels and preserve the real value of the endowment over time. Under this policy, earnings of the pooled endowment are distributed to the schools and units of the university at a rate set annually by the WUIMC Board. This spending amount per unit of endowment must fall within the range of 3 percent to 5.5 percent of the five-year average market value of a unit of pooled endowment.